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This resistor model was drawn in native Solidworks format. Click below to download the 3D Solidworks resistor model. This 3d model has been provided in multiple file formats.

The resistor 3d model was also drawn in Solidworks with multiple configurations for selecting different color code resistor’s. The color code on the resistors designate the amount of resistance. The model is also set up for you to add additional configurations. Depending on the format you choose to download, you may or may not be able to use this extra multiple configuration feature provided.

This standard electrical resistor model is drawn to fit standard size electrical breadboards. Most electrical breadboards are universally designed to fit with one another so I hope this model will be useful to you.

Solidworks: resistor.sldprt

Iges: resistor.igs

Sat: resistor.sat

Step: resistor.step

Stereo Lithography: resistor.stl

Pro Engineer: resistor.prt.1