SKS Wood Gun Stock- Yugoslavian Model

By on July 23, 2008 in 3D Models, Guns

This Wood Pencil- Unsharpened model was drawn in native Solidworks format. Click below to download the 3D Solidworks Wood Pencil- Unsharpened model. This 3d model has been provided in multiple file formats.

Solidworks: sks-gun-stock-yugo.sldprt

Iges: sks-gun-stock-yugo.igs

Sat: sks-gun-stock-yugo.sat

Step: sks-gun-stock-yugo.step

Stereo Lithography: sks-gun-stock-yugo.stl

Pro Engineer: sks-gun-stock-yugo.stl

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  1. daz says:

    thanks for putting up the gun stock model mike, i now have something to practice generating g-code for my rotary :;)

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