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Welcome! is your new source for 3d models in multiple file formats that should open in almost all different 3d modeling software. Just check and see which file types your 3d design and modeling software is capable of importing and then download the appropriate file format. We here at the Solid Shack hope we can save you hours of time by providing these models to you free of charge. We believe open modeling is key to providing better design work in the long run. The less a user has to labor over the little things, the more time they can spend on getting the job done right. We understand that you don’t want to model everything because it just takes too long and none of us have the time to make things perfect. So with that being said, we here at invite any comments and suggestions toward bettering this site. In the end, we’re just trying to help you out. 🙂

Most of the models on this site were designed using SolidWorks 3d mechanical design software. Sometimes it is difficult to find ways to convert from one software to another, so if you need any other file formats don’t hesitate to ask. There are many more file formats SolidWorks will convert too. 🙂